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Hello, my name is Robert J. Kish. I breed and show Burmese. I have been breeding Burmese for about 10 years. After taking care of my mom and dad's cats most weekends while they were off showing for the past 20 years I became interested in doing this myself.

I am located in Youngstown, Ohio and will be breeding all four colors of the Traditional Burmese with a occasional litter of European Burmese as you can see by the picture on this page I do have one or two Europeans but my primarary breed will be Traditional Burmese.

I consider my experience with that task a part of my knowledge in breeding beautiful healthy well adjusted kittens that can and do fit with every kind of family out there that truly loves a lap, people loving cat or kitten. Of course they say the nut does not fall far from the tree.

I would be happy to chat with anyone about my beautiful Burmese. I am now out showing myself and the tables are turned and mom and dad now take care of my cats when I am away from home. Don't you just love it?

Located in Youngstown, Ohio
Phone number:

Ch. Council Rock's Taye of Laki champagne female owned by Robert.

Zeilie/Lazarus champagne female kitten at 10 weeks.

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